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Fallout 4 Mods on Xbox One Explained; “Everybody Wins” Says Hyrb


Fallout 4 Mods on Xbox One Explained; “Everybody Wins” Says Hyrb

Can’t wait for Macho Man Randy Savage-Deathclaw edition to visit my Xbone

Today, Larry Hyrb, better known on social media as Major Nelson, released a video explaining how Bethesda’s Fallout 4 mods will work on Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Hyrb reminds viewers this is the first time mods are going to be made available for consoles. He goes on to say that mods will be implemented after they are created on a PC with the Creation Kit. Hyrb states the mods will allow Xbox One owners to “experience new community created features, dialogue, characters, weapons, and loads of other cool stuff in the Wasteland absolutely free.”

Hyrb mentioned an update will be coming “soon,” and also announced players will be able to leave feedback and can simply choose mods from the main menu to start browsing. A formal date was not specified for the update.

Several mods were shown off during the 2 minute video, including the creation of an Alien Blaster assault weapon, and a mod which allows for more intricate settlement development.

Those on Twitter can follow @Xbox to vote for his or her favorite mod starting tomorrow, May 27th. The mod creator with the most votes will win “a top notch gaming PC” from CyberPower. Votes will be entered to win a specially designed Xbox One, titled Pip-Box.

Still have yet to brave the irradiated wastelands of Boston? Check out our review of Fallout 4, where we think “Bethesda improves the series to near perfection.”

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