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Fable Fortune, a Digital Card Game, Is Coming to Kickstarter

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Fable Fortune, a Digital Card Game, Is Coming to Kickstarter

Fable is alive!

Fable Legends was very recently cancelled and Microsoft also shut down Lionhead Studios. The news came as a big shock to gamers and, for a while, it looked like the Fable series was dead.

Fans will be pleased to learn that a Fable digital card game based on the series is currently being worked on by former Lionhead developers and is due to be launched on Kickstarter this week.

According to IGN, the game was originally pitched as a mini-game for Fable 2, but wasn’t put into development until 2014. This card game is now called Fable Fortune and is hoping to find its fortune via Kickstarter. The game even has the blessing of Microsoft, so it looks like this really could breath new life into the series.

Fable Fortune is described as being similar to Hearthstone but will have new features such as co-op and a leveling system for cards. Players will also be presented with choices which can be solved via good or evil resolutions. The player’s choices will impact their cards and their hero. Heroes that will appear in the game will consist of classic characters from the Fable series as well as obscure characters and characters who’s concepts were never used in previous games.

The new studio, known as Flaming Fowl Studios, will launch the game on Kickstarter tomorrow, May 31. The goal is to raise 250,000 GBP (about $366,000) for the game’s release. After the campaign ends, a closed beta will be launched for the PC and Xbox One. The full game is intended to be released sometime in 2017.

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