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Chvrches Records an Original Song for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Theme


Chvrches Records an Original Song for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Theme

Can’t go wrong with electronic pop. Or Chvrches.

Are you a fan of Chvrches? Do you love Mirror’s Edge? Are you excited for DICE’s release of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst this June? Well, I have some fantastic news for you. The electronic pop trio from Scotland recorded an original song, titled ‘Warning Call’, specifically for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and this song will be used as one of the themes in the game.

The members of Chvrches have established themselves as avid gaming fans, and have been seen playing Bungie’s shared world shooter Destiny, and even performing songs while playing the Rockband games. It’s definitely nice to see the talented trio getting more involved with the gaming industry, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that ‘Warning Call’ sounds pretty damn good too. What do you think of the new theme? Will you be picking up the game this summer? Let us know in the comments down below.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is set to be released on June 7 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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