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Did Blizzard Just Tease a Future Overwatch Character?

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Did Blizzard Just Tease a Future Overwatch Character?

Will we see a new Overwatch character in the future? Probably. Will they have a sweet flamethrower? We can only hope.

In a recent Overwatch blog post, Olympia Shaw, a journalist for the Overwatch universe’s Atlas News, discusses some of the vigilante activity of the new Overwatch team as well as the muddy history of the original team. The most interesting part of the piece is of Shaw recounting the members who founded the original team: Jack Morrison (Solider 76), Gabriel Reyes (Reaper), Torbjörn Lindholm, Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Ana Amari (Pharah’s mother). However, Shaw also mentions a sixth founding member, who until this post, we never knew about. The character’s name is Liao and well… that’s all we really know about them.

Unlike the other five, there is no art portraying Liao, nor a first name to go along with the surname. The name Liao isn’t much to go on either, as no currently recognizable characters have it. It’s possible the name Liao is of Taiwanese or Chinese descent, so perhaps a connection to Mei? Mei’s background at Watchpoint: Antarctica doesn’t mention anyone noteworthy, but who’s really to know? It would be really cool to see someone manipulate fire similarly to how Mei does ice.

We may not know much about Liao, but it’s great to see Blizzard building a world we very much want to know more about. With all the interconnected stories and rich history in the Overwatch universe, we’re sure any future character introductions will be a fantastic addition to an already incredible game.

What are your theories on this mysterious Liao? Leave a comment and let us know! And check here for our explanation of Overwatch’s deep story and here for character guides and general gameplay tips!


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