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PS4.5, Codenamed NEO, Will Have Better CPU & GPU, No Exclusive Games – Report


PS4.5, Codenamed NEO, Will Have Better CPU & GPU, No Exclusive Games – Report

Here’s the latest whispers on the rumored PS4.5.

The rumored PS4.5 has yet to see an official confirmation, but a new report claims to have specs on the supposed PS4 upgrade. According to Giant Bomb, multiple sources have confirmed the PS4.5 will have improved CPU, GPU, and RAM, and will not offer exclusive games or game features.

Reportedly codenamed “NEO,” the PS4.5 will feature a higher clocking speed, faster memory, but the same HDD as the current PS4. The 8-core processor will run at 2.1 GHz compared to the current model’s 1.6GHz, and the NEO will be able to support 4K output.

According to the report, every PS4 game as of October will be required to feature a “NEO Mode,” with games releasing in late September required to add it in a day one patch. This mode will utilize the NEO’s stronger hardware to provide better frame rates and improved visuals. Developers will be able to release NEO-compatible games before the PS4.5 launches, so no guarantee we’ll see the NEO before October.

These sources also say Sony isn’t looking to divide their fan base, and so will not allow any NEO-exclusive games or gameplay options. NEO users will also be connecting to the same store and online communities as original PS4 users.

What’s your take on a possible NEO PS4? Let us know, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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