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Star Fox Zero Prepares for Launch With a Lengthy Trailer

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Star Fox Zero Prepares for Launch With a Lengthy Trailer

Star Fox team, roll out!

Nintendo has released the official launch trailer for their upcoming title Star Fox Zero, which releases on the Wii U April 22.

The trailer gives us a lengthy look at the campaign of Star Fox Zero, introducing us to Fox McCloud and his band of mercenaries. Over the four minute trailer there’s healthy amount of gameplay footage, examples of the Gamepad control scheme and even a look at the branching paths of the game. It ends with a look at Star Fox Guard, the tower defense based companion game to Zero. Take a look at the launch trailer down below.

Star Fox Zero is the first console game we’ve seen from the series since Star Fox Assault on the GameCube in 2005. Zero hits the Wii U on April 22, and first print retail copies of the game come packaged in with a copy of Star Fox Guard. Guard can also be purchased separately, digitally over the Nintendo e-shop.

On Wednesday, April 20 at 3PM PDT, Nintendo will stream an animated short called Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins. The stream can be found on Nintendo’s website, and afterward a live presentation from Nintendo’s Treehouse localization department focused on Star Fox Zero and Guard will air. You can also see how amiibo will function in Star Fox Guard here.

Are you picking up Star Fox Zero this week? Does the game’s launch trailer get you hyped up? Let us know down in the comments.

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