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No Man’s Sky Official Soundtrack Revealed


No Man’s Sky Official Soundtrack Revealed

Infinite music condensed into an album.

English post-rock band 65daysofstatic has announced that their new album, Music for an Infinite Universe, will be the official soundtrack for No Man’s Sky.

Since the game is procedurally generated, the in-game music will be drawn from a near-infinite collection of music from the band. A member of the band, Joe Shrewsbury, spoke to IGN and said: ‘5 or 6 minute arrangements [exploded] into 600 million years of non-specific ambient noise.’ The music will also be procedurally generated and organised by the game’s sound engine.

The official album will be made up of 10 original tracks and six soundscapes and will release on June 17. You can pre-order it on the Laced Records website now.

You can also listen to a new track from the band on Soundcloud now.

No Man’s Sky will come to PlayStation 4 and PC on June 21.

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