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League of Legends Taric Rework & Skins Revealed; Armor of the Fifth Age Perfect as Ever

League of Legends Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

League of Legends Taric Rework & Skins Revealed; Armor of the Fifth Age Perfect as Ever

“The best weapons are beautiful.”

Following yesterday’s breathtaking new Taric splash art, Riot’s gone and pulled the sheet from over his entire rework. League of Legends’ former gem knight is now “the Shield of Valoran,” reworked with new art, abilities and lore about to hit PBE.

First, a rundown of his new abilities.

Passive: Bravado

  • After casting an ability, Taric’s next two basic attacks will have higher speed, do extra damage, and lower his cooldowns on hit.

Q: Starlight’s Touch

  • Taric stacks up to three Starlight Touch charges overtime time. Activating Starlight’s Touch will heal Taric and nearby allies based on the number of charges.

W: Bastion

  • Passive: Taric gains increased armor.
  • Active: Taric forms a link with an allied champion, shielding them and causing all of Taric’s spells to be cast from both of them. The link breaks if the two move far enough apart or if Taric recasts the ability on a new champion.
  • Also, an important note from RiotRepertoir:

“Double dipping any of his spells doesn’t get you more effect. The cool opportunities Bastion provides is that you can exert influence on two areas of a fight. If double dipping gave you increased damage/healing, the optimal play would be to always stand next to the person your linked to, which would feel pretty lame to play.”

E: Dazzle

  • This is the only ability to retain its original name. Dazzle is still a stun, but is now a skill shot that shoots forward in a line and stuns all enemies in its path. Fun fact: I once accidentally stole a pentakill with Taric’s Dazzle.

R: Cosmic Radiance

  • Taric’s new ultimate, after a brief cast delay, gives a few seconds of invincibility to him and all nearby allies.

The rest of the update details Taric’s in-game strategies, champion synergies, and effective counters. Riot also unveiled new art for his skins, which you can check out below.

Classic Taric

Emerald Taric

Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

Bloodstone Taric

You can check out the full Champion Update notes here and Taric’s redemption lore story here. Let us know what you think of the rework, and how much you’ll love Bastion -> Dazzle AoE stun combos.

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