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The New League of Legends Client Has Entered Alpha

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The New League of Legends Client Has Entered Alpha

The new League of Legends client looks like it may finally be making progress towards a public release.

After years of fan requests and months of teases, Riot Games has finally announced that the new League of Legends client has entered its Alpha stage.

According to the official League of Legends website, this new client will address many of the performance issues that hindered the original. Along with those performance fixes, League players can look forward to an overall sleeker user interface as well as entirely new features such as a standalone friend list.

However, Riot wishes to emphasize that this alpha is still very much a work in progress and, as such, is still prone to a number of errors in its current state. The main purpose behind this Alpha release is to allow players to stress test the service and help Riot work out the remaining issues. Furthermore, this current Alpha build is missing some features and quests that the original has. As such, they are still making the original game client available to Alpha participants as well.

If you do wish to take part in Alpha testing, you’ll need to sign up for the invite lottery here. Currently, the Alpha is only available to players level 30 or above with no negative behavior reports on their profile.

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This post was originally written by Matthew Byrd.

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