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Destiny Challenge of the Elders: Tips for the New Endgame


Destiny Challenge of the Elders: Tips for the New Endgame

Prison of Elders… with 100% more points!

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Destiny, Challenge of Elders

With Destiny’s April Update, it’s time to tackle the next challenge Bungie can offer up, which means it’s time to dive headlong into the aptly named Challenge of the Elders. An updated version of the Prison of Elders from House of Wolves, Challenge of the Elders is a 3-person, 320 light level endgame activity that puts a unique spin on the original wave smashing goodness.

While the traditional Prison of Elders itself has received a level 41, 260 light level rebalancing, Challenge of Elders is its own beast. Forgoing the original format, Challenge of Elders pits guardians against only three rooms of enemies, but each room features its own boss.

Bungie has said that there will be 16 unique combinations of bosses and modifiers. Though unclear as to exactly how many of each that actually means, the fact Challenge of Elders is meant to be at least a little different each week is obvious.

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