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Uncharted 4’s Dev Team and Voice Cast Talk About What the Series Means to Them

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Uncharted 4’s Dev Team and Voice Cast Talk About What the Series Means to Them

Nathan Drake’s story is soon coming to an end.

In their latest “making of” video released today, the development team behind Uncharted 4 talks about their time with the series and their hopes for fans.

The video starts off with multiple developers talking about the challenge of making a game like Uncharted 4. Because the game isn’t made sequentially, the dev team hops around from part to part. They talk about how scary it can be at times, not knowing how everything works together during development.

The team has a love for the characters and world of Uncharted, and they want to do as much for fans as possible. As Lead Designer Christian Gyrling puts it,

“The thing is, we are probably the biggest Uncharted fans ourselves.”

Fan interaction is a huge part of what keeps Naughty Dog going. Creative Director Neil Druckman and other developers on the team talk about everything they’ve received from fans of the series, including a huge scrapbook filled with art someone put together. Naughty Dog continuously puts in effort to try and make their characters feel more authentic, and the team talks about how much personality the characters have taken on in Uncharted 4. Lead Artist Tate Mosesian talks about his hope when fans play Uncharted 4.

“As you play through the series you do sort of begin to develop an affinity for the characters, and an understanding of what motivates them. I hope that this game kind of brings that all to a nice crescendo. I hope people cry when they play it, and I hope that they laugh when they play it.

There’s a lot of memories that Uncharted holds for fans and the dev team. Bruce Straley the game’s director talks about working on the very last epic jump of the series, and the emotion that holds for him. The voice cast of Uncharted 4 including Nolan North as Nathan Drake and Emily Rose as Elena Fisher, talk about what an experiecne the Uncharted series was for them. North even says it’s been the greatest experience he’s ever had.

Uncharted 4 really has been a labor of love for everyone on the team, and they hope that the game is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Take a look at the full video below.

Uncharted 4 launches on May 10 exclusively on PlayStation 4.



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