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Ubisoft Announces Social VR Game, Werewolves Within


Ubisoft Announces Social VR Game, Werewolves Within

Hide away your inner beast…

As the release of virtual reality headsets get closer, more and more developers are getting involved with the new tech. At a GDC press event today, Ubisoft revealed an upcoming social virtual reality title, Werewolves Within.

The game will be developed by one of Ubisoft’s main AAA teams, Red Storm Entertainment. In the reveal trailer below, Senior Creative Director, David Votypka, describes the game as a ‘social deduction’ game, where players will have to gather together to work out and correctly accuse one another of being the Werewolves in the town.

You’ll be able to use a number of different tells and movements just as you would as if you were playing a board game. For example, in the reveal trailer below, Lead Designer for Werewolves Within, Justin Achilli, mentions that players’ “physical presence elements” and “ambient movements” are translated in VR very precisely. He goes on to say that this allows players’ giveaway signs of when they’re lying or guilty to be replicate in-game. You have us intrigued Red Storm Entertainment.

The game looks set to bring a social experience to those gamers who pick up a virtual reality headset, something which has been less of a focus for the tech so far.

Werewolves Within is set to release on all major VR platforms later this year. What do you think of Werewolves Within? Let us know in the comments below.


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