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Free Sony Game Codes For 2011 PSN Breach Have Arrived

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Free Sony Game Codes For 2011 PSN Breach Have Arrived

Sony is sorry.

It seems that Sony will never live to forget about its mishap back in April of 2011, when the PlayStation Network was pulled down for 23 days following an attack. The attack compromised 77 million accounts and personal information was leaked. Although that is all water under the bridge, Sony is now in the process of compensating account holders who filled in the lengthy claim form last year.

The form allowed players to choose compensation in the form of cash, themes, or game downloads for PSP, PS Vita or PS3. Having received the email, it reads as follows:

Dear Claimant:

Your Sony PlayStation Network (“PSN”) Claim Form related to the Sony Gaming Networks and Customer Data Breach Ligation Settlement has been processed. Your request for the following benefit(s) has been approved. To retrieve your approved benefits(s), please log in to your PSN account and use these codes:

[Username]: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Players could choose from a variety of titles like LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation, Rain, God of War HD Collection, and a handful of Dynamic Themes. There was also an option to take the payment of games in credit balances.

Are you on Sony’s apology gift list? What did you claim? Let us know in the comments below.

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 This post was originally written by Marco Cocomello.

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