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Pokken Tournament: How to Unlock Mewtwo

pokken tournament mewtwo

Pokken Tournament: How to Unlock Mewtwo

Pokken Tournament features a variety of different Pokemon for you to “partner” up with and do battle with in this fighting game. One of the most powerful is the biological anomaly that is Mewtwo.

In order to unlock him, you simply have to continue through the story mode in Pokken Tournament. That’s the Ferrum League section that has you battling through different league and Pokemon masters on a quest to be the very best. (Like no one ever was.) You’ll see in the story for yourself as it unravels around Mewtwo, and once you complete the Red League, you’ll need to face up against Shadow Mewtwo and beat him. After that, you’ll be able to choose Mewtwo as your Pokemon Partner from then on.

Now that you know how to play as him, go out there and have some fun as this poor soul of a Pokemon. And if you want to know how to play as his dark counterpart, Shadow Mewtwo, check out our guide over here!

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