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PlayStation VR to Have 50 Games by the End of The Year

PlayStation VR, hands on, virtual reality, worth it

PlayStation VR to Have 50 Games by the End of The Year

Playstation VR has some serious support

At today’s PlayStation Virtual Reality event at GDC Sony announced that PlayStation VR would wind up with 50 games from a variety of partner studios by the year’s end, with 20 demo titles already available to play on the event floor.

Listed titles include Limitless, Harmonix Music VR, and Xing: The Land Beyond which is also coming to Oculus Rift.

House also took the time out to mention that a special version of Star Wars Battlefront was also coming to PSVR. He went on to give a list of partners whose engines would power PlayStation VR including Unreal Engine, Unity and CryEngine.

What did you make of the amount of games coming between the launch of PSVR and the end of the year? Let us know in the comments below.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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