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Nintendo Announces Star Fox Guard on Wii U, Launches With Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero

Nintendo Announces Star Fox Guard on Wii U, Launches With Star Fox Zero

That annoying frog gets his own game.

Star Fox Zero is Nintendo’s next big game coming to the Wii U, as Fox McCloud makes his return. The game sports an all new style for Fox and his company, and has a new control mode that utilizes the Wii U’s GamePad.

During the company’s Nintendo Direct presentation today, they announced a brand new game that would be releasing alongside Star Fox Zero. Project Guard was a game that we’d heard about back at E3 in 2014, now it looks like that project has come to fruition as Star Fox Guard.

Guard casts you in the role of Slippy Toad who’s uncle Grippy has invented a new defense system. By controlling different cameras and weapons you have to help Slippy defend from waves of enemies invading in a tower defense style map. The game boasts 100 missions, and also allows players to make and share maps with other players.

Star Fox, Zero, Guard, Announcement

Star Fox Guard will launch alongside Star Fox Zero on April 22. It will be sold separately digitally or come in a physical bundle with Zero. Nintendo also announced that Zero will have amiibo support, with the Fox amiibo unlocking a playable original Arwing from the very first game. Other features will be unlocked by amiibo as well.

Are you excited for Star Fox Guard? Will you be picking up both games this April?



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