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“Big” Mortal Kombat XL Announcement Teased by Ed Boon


“Big” Mortal Kombat XL Announcement Teased by Ed Boon

There are secrets stirring in the NetherRealm.

It would appear that NetherRealm Studios isn’t done with Mortal Kombat XL just yet. Earlier today, Ed Boon, Director of Mortal Kombat X and series Co-Creator, tweeted out a teaser for an announcement tomorrow.

The cryptic tweet shows nothing more than an image along with the words “Big news coming as soon as tomorrow…”

While not much is revealed, there is something interesting within the image that Ed Boon shared. Seen behind the title of the game is a falling ninja wearing purple. The only ninja from the series who dons that particular shade is Rain, the demi-god servant of Shao Khan. This fact has led to several comments on the tweet speculating that a new character pack could be revealed including the purple clad character. Unfortunately, that was quickly put to rest by another tweet.

With Rain not being a new character, there is no telling what this mysterious message could possibly mean. Fans will have to wait until tomorrow to see exactly what’s stirring within Mortal Kombat X.

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