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2015’s Best-Selling Mobile and Handheld Games Include Animal Crossing

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2015’s Best-Selling Mobile and Handheld Games Include Animal Crossing

Mobile has increased the spending gap between itself and home consoles even more.

The yearly report from App Annie and the International Data Corporation on video games has been released. The report shows some interesting statistics on video game sales and trends, including the growing prevalance of mobile games.

Included in the report were the top selling games on mobile and handheld in 2015, accounting for both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Clash of Clans took the top spot on iOS, with Monster Strike claiming the Google Play store. Surprisingly, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer nabbed the top spot for handeld game consoles. Here’s the full list of best-selling games up to five on each system, with the developer and their location listed as well.


1. Clash of Clans- Supercell, Finland

2. Monster Strike- Mixi, Japan

3. Game of War- Fire Age- Machine Zone, United States

4. Puzzle & Dragons- GungHo Online, Japan

5. Fantasy Westward Journey- Garena Online Private Ltd, Singapore

Google Play Store

1. Monster Strike- Mixi, Japan

2. Clash of Clans- Supercell, Finland

3. Puzzle & Dragons- GungHo Online, Japan

4. Game of War- Fire Age- Machine Zone, United States

5. Candy Crush Saga- King, United Kingdom

Handheld Game Consoles

1. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer- N3DS; Nintendo, Japan

2. Monster Hunter X- N3DS; Capcom, Japan

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D- N3DS; Nintendo, Japan

4. Yo-Kai Watch Busters: Red Cat Team/ White Dog Squad- N3DS; Level-5, Japan

5. Pokemon Omega Red/ Alpha Sapphire- N3DS; Gamefreak/Nintendo, Japan

Other pieces of information were given in the report. Home game consoles had the highest spending per user, but spending on mobile overtook home consoles in 2014 and widened the gap even more in 2015. The Asia-Pacific area also saw huge growth in spending on the iOS App Store.

What do you think about the statistics from the IDC’s report? Do you think mobile gaming shows any signs of slowing down? Let us know in the comments.


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