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Presidential Candidates as Pokémon, Made by Gravity Falls Creator

Presidential Candidates as Pokemon

Presidential Candidates as Pokémon, Made by Gravity Falls Creator

It’s Super Effective.

Ever stay up at night toiling over possible presidential candidate spirit Pokémon? Most likely not. That’s why Alex Hirsch, creator of the animated TV show Gravity Falls, went ahead and picked them for us.

Hirsch says his inspiration came from listening to election news, and so #PresidentialPokemon was born. We’ve got “HillarFree” Clinton, Donald “Schmuck” Trump, Ben “Carzzzon”, “Lil Marco” Rubio, and “Burnie” Sanders, clearly feeling the bern. Each comes with their own type, attacks and weaknesses, also courtesy of Hirsch.

Check out Hirsch’s collection below, along with a guest animation by Gravity Falls animator Dana Terrace. We’ll be sure add anymore political Pokémon animations as they come.

UPDATE: Fans have begun turning the drawings into full Pokémon cards upon Hirsch’s request.


In other news, a set of soulless Ditto Pokémon plush dolls are heading to stores in Japan. There’s also a new mobile game in development called Pokémon Comaster, though no word yet on whether it will release outside of Japan. Meanwhile, the recent 3DS re-releases of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow are setting eShop records.

Let us now your favorite Pokémon candidate, and for more, check out some of today’s top stories below.

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