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Black Desert Online: How to Make Beer


Black Desert Online: How to Make Beer

Drinks for all, now get back to work.

In Black Desert Online, you’re able to hire workers to tend to any property you buy or contribute to. These workers have limited stamina and will grow tired and stop working for a while unless you feed them. One of the easiest things to feed them is Beer, and you’ll be able to get resources necessary to do so rather early in the game.

Before you go to craft the wonderful brew, make sure that you have placed a cooking station (1000 Silver) in a house. Once that’s done, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  1. 5 of one of the following: Potatoes, Wheat, Corn, or Barley
  2. 2 Leavening Agents
  3. 1 Sugar
  4. 6 Waters

Combining all of those items will give you the wonderful man-made nectar known as beer.

To feed the Beer to your starved workers, you’ll need to access your Worker panel. Open up your map (M on your keyboard) then find the panel on the upper right-hand corner. Find the idle worker you need to feed and click the top button near its name. Now hover over Beer and right-click it to feed it.

Now your workers are able to work again, and are somehow not drunk… pretty cool.

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