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Black Desert Online: How to Use Nodes


Black Desert Online: How to Use Nodes

Own the world.

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Black Desert Online allows for players to do more than just run around and kill things. On top of the standard MMORPG fare (collecting items, slaying monsters, finding locations, completing quests, etc.), players will be able to participate in a bit of world building. If you open your map you will notice hundreds of Nodes that you can interact with in one way or another.

By acquiring a node you’ll be able to do certain things within its area of influence. Some of the things you’ll be able to do are obtain real estate, work the land, and set up trade routes. Nodes are not something you shouldn’t care about as soon as you start the game, but once you reach the first city (Velia) you should start giving them some thought.

Before we get into Nodes, note that you need Contribution Points. These are only obtained through completing quests and are used to unlock Nodes as well as purchase real estate. The good thing about Contribution Points is that they are never wasted. If you decide you don’t want a location anymore, for whatever reason, you can get a full refund of your Points and use them elsewhere.

Now let’s get into Nodes.

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