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Black Desert Online: How to Fast Travel

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Black Desert Online: How to Fast Travel

Run for your life!

Black Desert Online thrusts players into a large open world. With its focus on action-adventure styled gameplay, players can run, swim, jump, and climb around everything they see. Naturally, that means that travelling can become an arduous affair at times, leaving you to navigate expansive geography, towns, and cities.

In order to immerse players more into the world, the developers opted against an actual fast travel system. You cannot teleport from place to place in the game, at least not yet. But there is a way to move about more easily.

By Right-Clicking on a location, quest, or anything else on the map, then pressing T when back in control of your avatar, you can auto-run to any location. The computer will take care of navigating tricky terrain and any other headaches for you as you head to your waypoint. While it’s not instant teleportation, it’s the fastest auto-travel we’ve got.

Are you enjoying Black Desert Online’s giant world so far? Let us know in the comments below, and happy travels.

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