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343 Industries Reveals Two Free Halo 5 Maps


343 Industries Reveals Two Free Halo 5 Maps

Nothing like more free content.

As an ongoing attempt to make Halo 5 one of the best multiplayer shooters on the Xbox One, 343 Industries have even more in store for players. Two new Halo 5 maps have been revealed as upcoming free DLC: Tyrant and Darkstar.


Halo 5

A small symmetrical map that was designed for Capture the Flag and Assault game modes. The map has long corridors which is great for snipers. For those well coordinated teams, you can use the map’s multi-layered design to toss the flag up saving you a trip to the ramp.


Halo 5

Darkstar is the newest Warzone map. We have seen this map in the past, as it was revealed earlier this month, but some new details were concerning the new Warzone area were finally shared. This is the smallest Warzone map being added to Halo 5. Promethean bosses on the map will make use of hijacked UNSC vehicles while others can call in for reinforcements. The map will also feature gates positioned at various points which players can use to open and close strategically.

“The upcoming map brings an entirely new feel to the Warzone experience, with a variety of unique sightlines, flank routes, and cover pieces that invite you to push across and throughout the map, dodge danger from patrolling vehicles, and perfectly time an attack on opponents,” 343 Industries said.

Aside from the maps, the new DLC will come with a ton of new Reqs including armor, weapons, and two new Hannibal variants for Mantis and Scorpion. The DLC is set for release sometime in April 2016.

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This post was originally written by Marco Cocomello.

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