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Yes, You Can Kill Your Far Cry Primal Pet

far cry primal white wolf revive

Yes, You Can Kill Your Far Cry Primal Pet

What kind of monster are you?

You monster.

You did it, didn’t you? You looked over at your furry wolf, or bear, or demon corgi dhole, and an irresistible, homicidal lightbulb popped over your head. I bet you killed an innocent animal, one that loved you as best a non-sentient AI could.

Because I definitely did. In a dark moment of curiosity, I paused from my hunting and squinted at my jaguar friend with friendly-fire curiosity. My eyes widened. I must know.

I ran over with a club, and bashed his head with a rock. Confirmed: it did damage. To be thorough though, I continued bashing my buddy over the head with a rock, only to see if you can actually kill pets fully. For science, you understand.

The consensus is clear, you can definitely single-handedly kill your Far Cry Primal pets. And worse (or better…), they don’t fight back.

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