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SMITE Hosting a “Double Everything Weekend” for PC and Xbox One


SMITE Hosting a “Double Everything Weekend” for PC and Xbox One

An event worthy of the gods.

SMITE fans, lend me your ears! This weekend will be a good one to hop on and play if “Double Everything” sounds appealing to you. From Feb 19. to Feb 21., you can expect double of just about everything you would want doubled according to SMITE’s official blog:

“From Friday, February 19th to Sunday, February 21st, earn double Favor, Experience, and Worshipers on both PC and Xbox! This is a great weekend to grind out those masteries you’re missing, while earning some extra Favor and Experience! 

Also, enjoy 50% off all Voice Packs on both PC & Xbox!” via SMITE

There’s not really much else to say is there? I’m only a casual player myself but hey double everything sounds good to me.

If you haven’t taken the dip yet, SMITE is a pretty accessible “my first MOBA” kind of game. It has traditional MOBA gameplay featured in its Conquest mode, but also has modes such as Arena, which plays more like a Team Deathmatch, and is much easier to wrap your head around if you’re learning the basics of gameplay. Also the gameplay perspective is behind the shoulder of your character, and will feel more like a third-person RPG than a traditional MOBA.

SMITE is free to play on both PC and Xbox One, so if you’re interested in checking it out or getting back into it, this seems like the weekend to do it.

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