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Miitomo, Nintendo’s First Mobile App, Gets New Details

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Miitomo, Nintendo’s First Mobile App, Gets New Details

Prepare to socialize.

Last year, Nintendo announced that it would start making Nintendo-licensed mobile games, and the very first one is set to release sometime next month. Just yesterday, Nintendo gamers everywhere were able to sign up for My Nintendo, the new Nintendo service that will be taking the place of Club Nintendo, which shut down last year. With yesterday’s news allowing everyone to prepare for what’s next, today brought along some brand new details for the first licensed game, Miitomo.

Miitomo is launching as a free-to-play app for smartphones and other devices, where you use your Mii to get social with others. You can customize your Mii by either taking a picture of yourself, or you can use the QR code for an already-made Mii. Players will be able to link multiple social networks to Miitomo such as Twitter and Facebook. In Miitomo, you earn Miitomo coins, which you can in turn be used to purchase new outfits and other customization items. There will also be in-app purchases in the mobile game.

It was also revealed that if you set up a My Nintendo account and pre-register for Miitomo, you will get bonus Platinum Points. It’s not clear at this moment what these Platinum Points do, but they appear to be something you’ll want in the future.

Will you be downloading Nintendo’s first mobile app upon its release? Furthermore, will you be pre-registering for the game? If anything, you can do it for those extra Platinum Points.

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This post was originally written by Felisha Silva.

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