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All 16 Street Fighter V Characters Available So Far


All 16 Street Fighter V Characters Available So Far

Which one is right for you?

There’s plenty of action in Capcom’s recently released Street Fighter V, and with 16 playable characters, there’s definitely a fighter for everyone. If you prefer powerful kicks, you might enjoy Chun-Li or Cammy. If you’re into glorious fireballs, you could do much worse than picking Ken or Ryu. With such a diverse roster, let’s take a look at all of the currently playable characters in Street Fighter V:


Top 10 Street Fighters Ryu

Street Fighter’s poster-boy returns in Street Fighter V. Armed with plenty of Hadokens and silent angst, our hero finds himself battling not just his opponents, but himself.


Top 10 Street Fighters Ken

Armed with a new style, and fiery feet, Ken Masters plans on putting the hurt to anyone who stands in his way. Hopefully, this brash warrior can meet his rival on the battlefield.


Top 10 Street Fighters Chun-Li

This strong heroine still searches for answers against the shadowy organization that is Shadaloo. But will she find it? Perhaps she might put a severe beat down on M. Bison in Street Fighter V.


Street Fighter V Nash

After investigating the Shadaloo organization, Charlie Nash went M.I.A. Now that he’s back, has he changed? With plenty more abilities in Street Fighter V, Nash will surely be a foe to respect.

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