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Fire Emblem Fates – How to Raise Support Relationships


Fire Emblem Fates – How to Raise Support Relationships

Make everyone friends.

Support Relationships

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One of the key features in Fire Emblem Fates carried over from other games in the series, are the support relationships. This mechanic boosts stats between two characters that have built a support, and maximizes how well they work together in combat.

With Fates, each character has a list of supports they can build, with some even resulting in marriage adding additional bonuses. Only one S and one A+ ranking is possible with each character, and anyone already in one of these rankings cannot get to that level with another. Depending on the character, obtaining an S ranking and marriage can even result in a brand new mission with a recruitable child character.

Support relationships play a huge role during combat, and even add extra conversations fleshing out character’s personalities. There’s a few things you can do to make sure you’re maximizing your support relationships quickly.

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