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Fire Emblem Fates – How to Get More Resources


Fire Emblem Fates – How to Get More Resources

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Depending on which version of Fire Emblem Fates you’re playing, you’ll get a different set of resources in your Castle. For instance, Birthright players will get food items and ore like daikon and pearls, while Conquest players will get steak and crystals. There are more resources than just these, of course, but each Castle will be assigned to one random food and ore, and the only way to get other types of materials is by visiting other Castles. Listed below are some methods to farming more materials.

Visit other castles – Turn on Streetpass and meet other players, or just do a quick search online for Castle recommendations. You can obtain character cards from players you meet all over, and you’ll be able to visit their Castles once a day. Since every Castle provides different resources, it’s a good idea to visit as many as you can to collect a good variety of food and ore.

Build the Arena – This won’t allow you get different resources, but you can bet resources to get more of the same thing. The Arena allows you to bet on your characters as they battle it out in NPC-controlled fights. If you win, you’ll get double of what you bet. However, take note that you’ll lose whatever you bet if your character dies in the fight. Just be sure not to bet anything that you can’t get more of.

Play the Lottery – If you build the Lottery Shop in the Castle, you can visit it once a day to win various prizes. Sometimes you’ll get weapons. Other times, you might get food items not available in your Castle, or other ores.

Do you have any tips for farming resources in Fire Emblem Fates? Let us know in the comments down below.

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