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EA Releases Perfectly Cheesy Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring Dragon Age, Yarny, Sims, and More


EA Releases Perfectly Cheesy Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring Dragon Age, Yarny, Sims, and More

Warning: Corny Valentine’s Day jokes ahead!

Yes! Yarny Valentine’s Day cards! While some members of our staff might think Yarny is an evil spawn of the devil, other, more sensible people recognize him as the adorable ball of yarn that he is. So if you’re like the latter, you may be interested in printing out an Unravel Valentine’s Day card courtesy of the EA Blog staff.


DAWWW look at it, so cute. But that’s not all! There are other cards too that you can print out and give to one of your video gamer friends and loved ones. Perfect for passing out in your office and classroom… assuming you have very hip place of work or school. Such as… Dragon Age: Inquisition!

Dragon's Age

Because what says love more than war and death, am I right? Or if Dragon Age and Unravel are too violent for you, might we suggest The Sims?

rendition1.img (3)

… Because get it? Like SIMply amazing. Like the name of the game. The Sims. The joke is that it’s supposed to read like a normal card, like telling someone that they are just regular ole’ simply amazing. But since the name of the video game is The Sims, in this case, what you really be trying to say is that you are SIMply amazing. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahah. Glad we could clear that up.

To print out these cards or other knee slappers like The Sims one above, visit the EA blog post for yourself over here and follow their instructions.

I’d explain how to print it out for you, but to be honest, I’ve never done one of these and I’m very intimidated by my printer. It’s loud, and rarely ever gets anything right. So I just tend to only ask for very basic black and white word documents and then just leave it at that. So sorry everyone at Twinfinite, no EA cards from me!

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