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See the Teaser for Kanye West’s Video Game Titled ‘Only One’


See the Teaser for Kanye West’s Video Game Titled ‘Only One’

And it’s pretty.

A year ago, rapper Kanye West announced that he had planned to enter the video game industry with a title featuring his late mother. Titled after one of his singles, Only One: The Game is entirely dedicated to the memory of Donda West after her untimely death back in 2007. Through the Tidal streaming service, Kanye West officially showed footage of the game, revealing its overall visuals and the general vibe that he and the developers will be going for.

Kanye West described the game very simply as “my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.” From the footage, the development team seems to have captured it very nicely. The strange blend of pixelation and seemingly hand-drawn imagery pleasantly augments the game’s heavenly and ephemeral aesthetics. At the very least, the game will likely look lovely.

Naturally, the video is accompanied by a sort of operatic rendition of the titular song, and may feature further collaboration between West and Paul McCartney. Although further details beyond the teaser are scarce, the video tells us the game will chronicle West’s mother’s ascent up to Heaven, by means of riding a Pegasus and subsequently sprouting her own wings.

The development studio has yet to be revealed, though, as well as which platforms the game is set to release on. Just as well, the quality of the gameplay is yet to be seen, but the idea behind it is very touching nonetheless. Fans of the rapper and indie games alike may have another game to look forward to.

What do you think of the trailer? Feel free to sound off in the comments below.

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