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Watch This Player Create a Darth Vader Vinyl in Need for Speed


Watch This Player Create a Darth Vader Vinyl in Need for Speed

Come over to the Dark Side

One of the biggest features Need for Speed fans wanted brought back to the series was the deep customization that was available in previous titles like Need for Speed Underground. For the non-artistically-inclined among us that may just mean putting a new, no-frills paint job on our car of choice. Or maybe just downloading something amazing that someone else created and made available.

But for some users it means putting in crazy amounts of time and effort to create some of the most impressive paint or vinyl jobs the game has seen.

Combine incredible talent, a penchant for the Dark Side, and 4 hours of time to complete the task, and you get this awesome custom vinyl from YouTuber NFS Vinyls. Check out the video to see the entire time-lapsed process of taking a plain black hood and making it into Lord Vader.

You can almost feel the hatred oozing from his death grip on his iconic red lightsaber, and it sure detailed enough to send any stormtrooper running away in fear of the Dark Lord.

NFS Vinyl’s channel features a number of other customization jobs including replications of Katniss from Hunger Games, the Mona Lisa, and Homer Simpson.

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