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Watch a Steam Controller Play a Classic Song from Doom


Watch a Steam Controller Play a Classic Song from Doom

This controller rocks.

The Steam Controller is programmed so anyone to play their PC games on a TV. While this controller is full of unusual features, one user has programmed something entirely new into it. With this new program, the Steam Controller can now be used to play classic videogame music.

Steam user Pila has experimented with the haptic actuators in the Steam Controller for a few weeks now. By exploring the software, they’ve found out how to program the vibrations of this controller to play music, and their first demo is the classic song “E1M1” from Doom.

Pila has released the code and demo software for this “Steam Controller Singer” project online. If you’re creative enough, these files allow you to program your own songs using the advanced vibration functions.

When Valve added haptic actuators to the this controller, they probably weren’t thinking of its potential as a musical instrument. Still, this is a very cool use of some very advanced technology.

What video game songs do you think would sound best on the Controller? Let us know in the comments.


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