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Meet the Perfect Fallout 4 Double Kill Shot


Meet the Perfect Fallout 4 Double Kill Shot

Two for the price of one? We’ll take that deal.

Fallout 4 allows players to do a lot of amazing things. Whether it’s bringing together a bunch of straggling survivors to rebuild society, or recreating the world of Bioshock Infinite within a settlement. One of the main aspects where great things can potentially shine through is Fallout 4’s combat. Take this double kill below, for instance, from Reddit user seanbear.

This armored survivor takes out two Raiders with a perfectly lined up shot from a Cell Rifle. What makes this particular double kill so sweet is that you don’t even notice the second Raider until the viscera of the first one’s head begins to dissipate. It’s the perfect reward for such a clean kill. Even the player seems to be shocked for a second, hovering over the second body, wondering where it came from.

As it stands right now, this might be one of the best kills in the game. What do you think?

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