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Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima on a 10 Day Trip Together, I Smell a Sitcom


Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima on a 10 Day Trip Together, I Smell a Sitcom

So no one told you life was gonna be this way~

Mark Cerny has finally joined Twitter and we should already be incredibly thankful for this. His first tweet proves he’s already going to be a star. See for yourself:

That’s right. He’s spending 10 days with THAT guy. Mark Cerny and Hideo Kojima are going to be roadtripping together like a ’90s comedy movie. We get a glimpse into what they’re possibly going to be doing during that trip thanks to Kojima’s tweet.

Yeah, that’s right, they took two photos together. In the same stance, really. Why did one of the them prefer the other, nearly identical photo?

Obviously, this means that sitcom-like shenanigans will unfold on this trip. Mark and Hideo: Two best friends, on a quest to find the newest technology. Also, themselves. Will they find what they’re looking for, or will they uncover something even greater? (The power of friendship.)

One of them will probably get their head stuck in a turkey.


One of them will get a golf ball stuck in a whale’s blowhole.


They will definitely have a fight that tests their friendship.

new girl

But they’ll be all the closer because of it.

new girl 2

No doubt Cerny is the silly goofball and Kojima is the straight man.


It’ll probably stream on Netflix next year.


Andrew House is experiencing major FOMO right now.

kojima sony handshake ps4

Let’s all stayed glued to Cerny and Kojima’s Twitter accounts for updates. This is a dream come true, people.

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