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Destiny’s Nightfall Broken for Some Players; Bungie Looking Into Issues [UPDATE]


Destiny’s Nightfall Broken for Some Players; Bungie Looking Into Issues [UPDATE]

Players may be shrouded in darkness this week.

[UPDATE] Bungie has shared that the Nightfall completion issues have been resolved, thanking players for their patience.

Unfortunately, Destiny’s Nightfall mission seems to be a little glitched out for some players this week. This week’s Nightfall mission will have players tackle the Alak-Hul strike. The glitch has resulted in certain players not encountering any enemies at all in the first area of the mission. This makes the strike a little easier to run through, but the real problem arises when you clear out the room with all the Taken enemies. Some players have reported that the door that opens up revealing the ogre doesn’t seem to be triggering, even after team wipes and resets.

In turn, this has resulted in players being unable to progress with the strike and complete the Nightfall for the rewards. However, rest assured that Bungie has been made aware of the problem and have tweeted that they are looking into the issues and attempting to resolve it.

So there you have it. Are you encountering any other problems in Destiny this week? Let us know in the comments down below!


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