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Call This Number in GTA V For Another Undiscovered Secret

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Call This Number in GTA V For Another Undiscovered Secret

Change your cellphone color!

So it looks like we still have quite a few things left to discover in the massive city of Los Santos in GTA V. Players have recently discovered that you can dial the number 1-999-367-3767 on your cellphone and this will cause a mini explosion in the air. When you punch in the number and call it, the phone will also indicate that the caller ID is ‘Black Cellphones’. After the call has gone through, you’ll see a small explosion in the sky, and if you look at your phone again, you’ll notice that your cellphone’s color has changed to black.

There are a couple of theories about what this mysterious GTA V cellphone number is. The first is, maybe you have to call the number at a certain area in the game to try to get the explosion to connect with something. The second, and more underwhelming, theory is that maybe it’s just a number you can call to change the color of your cellphone in Grand Theft Auto V. Considering that the caller ID here is ‘Black Cellphones’, maybe there are numbers you can call to change the color to red or green as well.

Either way, it’s still a pretty cool thing you can try out in Grand Theft Auto V, and it just goes to show that we haven’t quite uncovered all the little secrets and Easter Eggs that the game has to offer.

Thanks, Kotaku, for the video.

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