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The Call of Duty Franchise Has Sold 250 Million Units Worldwide


The Call of Duty Franchise Has Sold 250 Million Units Worldwide

Call of Duty hits Prestige Level 250 Million.

Now that 2015 is over, it’s time for game companies to reflect, focus and show off the huge amounts of money they made over the year. The biggest winners of 2015 were Activision and the Call of Duty series. Not only was Black Ops 3 the best selling game of the year, the Call of Duty franchise has officially sold 250 million copies worldwide.

According to recent NPD stats, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was the highest selling retail game in 2015. This doesn’t include digital sales, but Activision stated that the PlayStation 4 version “broke digital sale records” last year. The popularity of Black Ops 3 pushed the franchise over 250 million units sold. Activision’s senior vice president Rob Kostich released a statement on this major milestone.

Call of Duty has surpassed 250 million units sold life-to-date worldwide. This achievement is thanks to the amazing experiences created by all of our development teams, and would not be possible without the incredible passion from the Call of Duty community.

Black Ops 3 was released on Nov. 6 on current and last-gen platforms, and managed to sell enough copies in those two months to top the sales chart for the year. To put that 250 million number in perspective, NPD cited the Grand Theft Auto franchise at 225 million units sold last August, and Pokemon has sold 275 million games as of Jan. 2016.

[Source: VentureBeat]


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