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Baloo Might Be Heading to Disney Infinity


Baloo Might Be Heading to Disney Infinity

Baloo is a bare necessity for Disney Infinity.

Earlier this month John Vignocchi – Vice President of Production for Disney Infinity – sent out a couple of interesting tweets regarding the possible inclusion of The Jungle Book’s buddy bear Baloo to the popular toys-to-life game. He asked fans whether they would be more keen to see the cartoon version from Disney’s 1967 animated film, or the updated version from the upcoming live-action remake, and was interested in the overwhelming support for the former.

Well now there’s been a bit more than just Vignocchi’s teasing tweets to show that Baloo may be making his way into Disney Infinity 3.0 real soon. Retailer B&H Photo Video has put up a listing for the bear on their online store, with what looks like incredibly legitimate packaging. There is currently no product information or description outside outside of the $13.99 price point, and there has been no official word as of yet from Disney Interactive on the matter, so don’t take this information as gospel just yet. Still, it’s difficult to argue with this:

Disney Infinity 3.0, The Jungle Book, Baloo

If this turns out to be true, it will be nice to see more representation from the older Disney classics in the modern game. I would like to put in a formal request for Robin Hood next, please.

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