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Unravel Trailer Shows off the Game’s Gorgeous Environments

unravel yarny

Unravel Trailer Shows off the Game’s Gorgeous Environments

Yarny lives in a beautiful world.

A new trailer for puzzle/platformer, Unravel, has creative director, Martin Sahlin, giving insight into the development team’s creation of the game and the inspiration behind the environments you’ll explore throughout the 2D adventure.

In Unravel, players will be taking control of Yarny, a brand new character made from a single thread of yarn. You’ll set off on a journey much larger than life as you try to maneuver across stretches of land using Yarny’s thread to interact with the environment, swinging from it to reach new heights or using it to hitch a ride. Unravel tells a heartfelt story, without the use of words, that reconnects the memories of a long lost family. We recently named Yarny as one of the new characters in 2016 that we can’t wait to meet. You can see who else we picked by clicking here.

Unravel is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, & Xbox One on February 9th.



This post was originally written by Danny Endurance.

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