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The Division Beta Delayed Till Next Year, Exclusive Xbox One Alpha This Week

The Division

The Division Beta Delayed Till Next Year, Exclusive Xbox One Alpha This Week

Still on track for March.

Ubisoft has announced that the beta for The Division has been delayed to early next year, with an exclusive Xbox One alpha planned for later this week.

The beta was originally planned to occur this month, but this has been pushed back to no particular time next year. The developers haven’t mentioned a reason for the delay, but they say that the team is committed to making a great game.

What they do announce is that there will now be an alpha test exclusive to the Xbox One. The alpha will start this Wednesday and will carry on until Saturday the 12th. Priority access will be given to people who have preordered the Xbox One version, although there is a chance for others to join depending on what is needed. Stress testing the servers seems to be a major part of the alpha for them, although they say that any feedback will be helpful for the game itself.

Unfortunately for those who are looking forward to the game and want to see more, the alpha is under NDA. This means that players will not be able to post images or videos from the alpha version publicly.

The Division is still destined to release on March 8th for the One, PS4, and PC, so there isn’t much more time to wait. Are you excited for it? Let us know in the comments below.

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