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Dying Light Enhanced Edition Revealed with Trailer

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Dying Light Enhanced Edition Revealed with Trailer

New and improved.

Released earlier this year, Dying Light threw players into a zombie infested open-world which encouraged you to use makeshift weapons and parkour skills to survive. The game received good reviews upon its release and has since been supported with regular DLC.

It seems that the game will now be getting an Enhanced Edition On February 9 and include all the DLC and some new features. Check out the trailer below:

Dying Light’s Enhanced Edition will also offer new improvements to the game such as new NPC models, audio upgrades, legend system, new enemy attacks and behaviors, new parkour moves, console performance upgrades, improved AI, more guns, enhanced facial animations, a bounty system, nightmare difficulty, and new HUD and visual settings. If you haven’t yet checked out Dying Light, but are in the mood for some zombie slaying, then this is for you!

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