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This Is What an HD Mega Man X Could Look Like


This Is What an HD Mega Man X Could Look Like

Too many feels.

In what’s sure to make Mega Man fans drool, YouTube user TJ Townsend created a diorama video of a high-definition version of Mega Man X on YouTube.

The original scene this is based on comes from the Sting Chameleon stage found in the original Mega Man X game on the Super Nintendo system. Here our brave robotic friend fights off bots such as: the Amenhopper, Armor Soldier with Ride Armor, Axe Man and Jamminger. Making the Blue Bomber’s mission quite busy.

On his YouTube page, Townsend says this entire piece took him roughly 70 hours to complete, and it seems to have paid off.

If you’re wanting to check out more of his work, or want to download this piece for yourself you can check out his DeviantArt page.

What do you guys think? Would anyone else love to be able to play around and destroy Sigma all over again? Hopefully Capcom realizes how important of a brand is and releases something similar to this. Tell us what you’d love to see in an HD Remix of Mega Man X in the comments below!

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