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Steam Users Discover Mysterious Clues in the Winter Sale

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Steam Users Discover Mysterious Clues in the Winter Sale

Winter: the perfect season for mysteries.

This year, the Steam Winter Sale has been relatively calm compared to previous seasonal sales. There’s no limited time deals or elaborate minigames this year, just a basic trading card system and a cute comic to read. That all changed today when determined Steam users found a series of mysterious clues. The search is still in its early stages, but this may be the beginning of an alternate reality game.

Users on the Steam Sale Detectives subreddit found a hidden password prompt embedded into every store page. If you go to the store page of any game, type “search” and press Enter, a password prompt appears in the middle of the screen.

A code was shown on the front page of the Winter Sale comic as a barcode, but was recently removed. You can see the original picture here. The Steam detectives then entered this password on the page for Hitman: Codename 47 and got another series of numbers, which turned out to be a link to a sound file. The sound file contains a man saying a brief statement:

I was on the right track. I could feel it. Tomorrow, I was going to search again.

People are still trying to discover what all these clues lead to, even creating an idea map to link everything together. The sale ends on January 4, so there’s only a few days left to uncover whatever Valve is hiding.

What do you think these clues will lead to? Let us know in the comments!


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