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Sony Explains Why the PSX Keynote Lacked AAA Announcements

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Sony Explains Why the PSX Keynote Lacked AAA Announcements

Did you expect more?

President of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has said that the expectations of big game announcements at Playstation Experience were ‘somewhat wrong.’

In the days running up to the conference there were rumours circulating that Sony Bend’s new game, or the next God of War game, would be revealed during the keynote but Yoshida suggested that “PlayStation Experience is more of a community event.” He added that PSX is “a good opportunity to showcase smaller titles and MLB 16: The Show  since the show is in the US,  while bigger titles are brought to E3 and similar shows.”

He also insisted that Sony has never announced as many big games as in 2015 and that, unlike E3, Playstation Experience is more suitable for smaller titles such as Fat Princess Adventures and those introduced by Gio Corsi.

That’s not to say that there were no exciting announcements, but there were fewer than many fans expected. Let us know in the comments what you thought about the content of the Playstation Experience Keynote presentation.

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