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Overwatch will Have Free Heroes and Maps Post Launch

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Overwatch will Have Free Heroes and Maps Post Launch

Free heroes, free maps, free fun.

If you were worried about buying a season pass for Overwatch to get access to its content, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s all going to be free. In a developer video, director Jeff Kaplan stated that any future maps and heroes after the game launches will be free of charge. You can check it out below.

Kaplan did admit that “we don’t have an exact timeline of when new heroes will be added to the game, how soon after launch, or how many…We just know that when we patch a new hero into the game, we want it to be free and not as DLC.” That’s pretty sweet, and it doesn’t divide players who may jump into the game later into its release. Hopefully this becomes more of a trend going forward.

Overwatch hits the PC and consoles next spring. As far as new characters to arrive through DLC, what would you like to see? Who was your favorite character to play as in the beta? Let us know in the comments below.

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