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Level-5 Has a Sequel To a “Very Popular Series” To Announce In 2016

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Level-5 Has a Sequel To a “Very Popular Series” To Announce In 2016

Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Professor Layton? What could it be?

Level-5 is a game developer that has been very hard at work over the last few years with Fantasy Life, Yo-Kai Watch and now Ni No Kuni II. The company has a long and storied history in video games and have crafted some absolute gems including Dragon Quest VIII, Dark Cloud and the Professor Layton series.

During a recent end-of-year interview with 4Gamer ,President Akihiro Hino commented on Level-5’s upcoming year. The translation comes via Siliconera.

“We here at Level-5 are always thinking of new things to present to the world. While I can’t go into too much detail, we plan to announce all kinds of new titles that consist of completely new ideas in 2016. There will also be a sequel to a very popular series among them. Please look forward to it.”

We already know Level-5 has Ni No Kuni II, Fantasy Life II and a game called The Snack World in development right now but it sounds like much more is on the way from the company in 2016. Yo-Kai Watch has also been a smash hit with the first game in series recently getting a western release this fall and the series shipping 10 million games worldwide.

What do you think this surprise announcement from Level-5 could be? What are your favorite games from the company? Let us know down in the comments below.



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