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Just Cause 3 Has an Avengers Easter Egg


Just Cause 3 Has an Avengers Easter Egg

Why is that hammer so heavy?!

The Avengers cannot be stopped. Not only did they take part in a battle that nearly destroyed all of New York City, but it seems like they may have entered the realm where the Just Cause 3 fictional nation of Medici exists (well Thor did at least).

just cause 3

Near the southeastern border of Montana (where the highest peak in Just Cause 3 is located) and Grande Pastura is a huge crater nestled in the side of the mountain. From a distance it looks like a natural occurrence. Just a huge mark in the ground probably caused by debris from space, who knows?

But upon closer inspection you will see that this isn’t just a random crater caused by nature. Head inside and make your way to the center of the pit to see Mjolnir, the mighty hammer wielded by Thor himself stuck in the ground.

Just Cause 3_20151201192659

You can’t lift it up no matter how had you try. After all, you may be cool but you’re still just Rico Rodriguez. We tried everything: booster explosives, grenades, multiple tethers, rocket launchers, grenade launchers, everything in our arsenal. But it sat there as stoic as ever. Was plenty of fun to look at, though, so that’s something.

Have you stumbled across this godly weapon yet? Gonna try picking it up yourself? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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