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Gamers Share Their Love for Devil’s Third as It Continues to Sell like Hotcakes


Gamers Share Their Love for Devil’s Third as It Continues to Sell like Hotcakes

Grab it while it’s hot!

Despite the poor critical reviews and the overhaul of other games that became available this past fall, Devil’s Third continues to sell out almost instantly at online retailers since its release earlier this month on December 8th. Could it be the positive fan reactions that have turned the game’s perception around?

Devil’s Third is that game with the outdated box art, less than stellar graphics, and the title you were advised shouldn’t be played with the Wii U GamePad. Despite it having the word “pass” all over it, gamers have given it a whirl and have come away from the experience positively amused. Has having low expectations before playing turned the game into a can’t miss, hidden gem?

The game currently has a 6.5 User Score rating on Metacritic based on 228 reviews from gamers, while the game ended up garnering a weak 43 out of 100 overall Metascore based on 51 critics’ scores.

Over on Amazon, the game has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating based on 29 customer reviews. You can compare this to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’s 3 out of 5 overall star rating based on 26 customer reviews.

Mcd on Amazon says: “It looks terrible and the frame rate can drop pretty hard at times, but with that said, it’s a ton of fun and I can’t put it down.”

Manny on Amazon says: “The focus is on the fun factor, and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not on par with other shooter types, but then again, this game isn’t just a shooter. It’s really in a class of its own. Just try the game; you won’t be disappointed.”

Dark-Confidant on Metacritic says: “Fun game, with really nice and intense gameplay. The single player mode has a good story, charismatic characters, and a lot of jokes. The score attack makes it replayable.”

Three major online retailers who list the item, including Amazon, Best Buy, & GameStop are all currently sold out, both online and in-store at most locations. The lowest third party sale price on Amazon is a whopping $103, before shipping fees. If you find a copy for its retail price, perhaps grab it while it’s hot?

Let us know if you think Devil’s Third is worth a try in the comments below!


This post was originally written by Danny Endurance.

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