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Elite Dangerous: Horizons Launch Trailer Drops

Elite Dangerous: Horizons, June

Elite Dangerous: Horizons Launch Trailer Drops

Planet exploration is here.

To accompany today’s launch of the new Elite Dangerous: Horizons expansion, Frontier Developments have released a trailer to get their fans excited.

Also known as Season 2 for Elite Dangerous, Horizons adds in the much awaited feature of planet landings, which will let players land on certain planets and explore them for natural and artificial points of interest. This is the focus of the launch trailer, which also shows off some of the new vehicles that you will be able to use in the game.

This isn’t the only feature of the new expansion. You will now be able to work with other players on one ship, and to go with this players will be able to create their own faces, making the characters more unique. Another new feature is a looting and crafting system to let players to create their own equipment, although the full system will be coming in a later update.

For those who won’t be getting the Horizons expansion, there are updates for the main game. Extra ships are being added to the game, bringing the total up to at least 30. Current players will be able to get a £10 (around $15) discount from the store, while for new players Elite Dangerous: Horizons includes the full game.

Below is the trailer to give you an idea of what you can expect from the expansion.

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